Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The wording in light pink next to Ana and Bryan doesn't show up well. It reads Anamom & Bryandad. This was a design I was playing around with so her arrival date is off :-)

Collages for gifts

Collage pictures printed 8x10 or bigger are very inexpensive, so they make great holiday gifts.

Assorted Shots

I like shooting kids basically being kids. I've done family portraits and mature sibling portraits both indoors and outdoors. I love shooting nature so I tend to prefer outdoors shots.

More digital pages as JPEGS

All these images are jpegs so they can be printed easily and in various sizes. They can also be added to online scrapbooks or printed for handmade albums. I can use your picture or pictures I take.

Digital Scrapbook Pages & Other photo items

They can be done in any size and can include matching envelopes. I made both of my daughter's lifebooks and pulished them using an online site. Tell me you thoughts, ideas and needs, so I can produce ANA's magic for you.
Look for more posts!

New business?!!?????

I'm tooling with the idea of trying to start my own photography business. I also want to include party planning, personal and business event coordination and photo items such as birthday collages. Basically everything I like doing! I'm attaching a few items I have done for the girls. I will include matching envelopes for all picture cards, picture annoucements, etc.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Potty & talking

Almari is getting potty training. Every morning, ca-ca are the first words out of her mouth. On Saturday, she even peed in the potty. Now we have to work on afternoons, etc. Alex seems to also use the toilet but I think at 16 months she is too young. She knows the lingo, she knows the routine but doesn't she get it.
Almari is saying more and more words which means so is Alex. Almari has learned STOP. It is so funny to hear her discipline people. She can be bossy, in a cute way. She gets nowhere bossing Alex but she does try. They both know timeout and we use it. My biggest complaint about is she is in everything and doesn't listen when told no.

Valentine's weekend

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think Almari is making Mami step it up

She woke up and the first thing she said was "Mami caca". Okay, I've failed at my week's goal of potty training. Yesterday we woke up and had to go to Abuela's so I skipped it. Then after lunch, I was busy with a new project so skipped it. So this morning, it seems like Almari took it upon herself to get this training started. She DID IT!!! I put her on the tiolet, gave her a book and in five minutes she was done. Who is training who??????

My first week as a SAHM

The first thing I have to say is being a SAHM is hard. The hours go by quickly but I don’t feel like I get anything done. Of course, I don’t have a set routine and I spent so much of this week running errands leftover from last week. I promised myself the first day home I would work on potty training but have yet to start. I decided I would start when we came back from our cruise. I think I have an excuse too handy too often L

My goals for next week are potty training and a daily schedule. PAC has one for the girls, so I’ll start there and then just add some of the chores for the girls. The one thing I hate is folding and putting away their clothes. Their laundry process never seems to end. Thankfully I don’t wash or dry it just put it away.

On Monday, I went to meet with two recruiters. I am hoping to be back working in three months. Staying home forever isn’t possible nor am I sure I would want to do it. I’ve worked since I was 14 and I THINK I want to work again.

We left for our cruise on Friday. It was a short four day cruise. I wanted a cruise where we had to do nothing. I didn’t even want to get off the ship at Nassau. We had fun in Nassau walking around, window shopping, rum tasting and visiting the zoo. I did more on the cruise then I had planned (considering my plan was never to leave the room!!!) but still relaxed and slept in every day.

It was hard to leave the girls but knowing they were with PAC, with Abuela’s help made it easy. PAC is beyond amazing. I am so glad that day back in June ’07 when he came and never left. God knew what he was doing. He made the months waiting for the girl’s easier and added fun to the mix. His patience with the girls is truly incredible. His love is evident in how he treats them and they love him back double.

We came home early Monday morning and walked into their room. Almari was just waking up. Seeing them was like WOW I LOVE THESE GIRLS.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update for the last week of January 2009

Almari has always been a climber, so it didn’t surprise me that she fell out of bed on Wednesday night. She hit the tile hard but we didn’t find any injuries. She cried and it took me about 30 minutes to get her back into the crib. Almari trips and falls often because she doesn’t look where she is going, doesn’t understand you can’t climb on everything or runs full blast. She is doing it less and less, so maybe she is figuring out the world. The words we use the most with Almari are “don’t touch”, “get off” and the all-time favorite “no”.

Just a few minutes ago, we found blood on the floor. Philippe started searching on Almari because he found her playing with his razor (he had just come home and left his toiletry kit on the bed) but found nothing. Guess why? Alex was the guilty party. She must have nicked her thumb with the razor. Funny she didn’t cry or seem to care until we put a band-aid on it.

Alex is finding out about time-out and her tantrums. I started yesterday to put her in the “calm corner” until she stops the tears and settles down. During feedings, if she starts I just turn her chair to the side until she calms down. She has taken to slapping your hands when angry and this will not be acceptable. So time-out will help us reinforce this to her. She is one strong willed determined little girl. Stubborn, not Skye, should have been her middle name. The words we use the most with Alex are “stop”, “no, enough” and “no screaming”. As she learns to speak, we are hoping the crying and screaming diminish.

Saturday usually means errands. We went to Jared’s since Alex lost one of her diamond studs again. We decided to upgrade Almari to ½ carats, so we traded in Alex’s one earring toward a new pair. Alex will wear Almari’s earrings until she needs to be upgraded. Bryan bought a new toilet to replace the one in his bathroom. FINALLY, there will be a quiet and non-running toilet in there after 5 years. I had to pop into eye doctor to get my new glasses adjusted. The Dr. has been dying to see the girls, so we took them with us. They fell asleep as we pulled into the parking lot but that didn’t stop the Dr. and her daughter from coming to the car to see the girls.

Saturday around 4am, 6 had a Grand Mal seizure very similar to the one she had last February. It takes her so long to regain her strength. I fear she will work herself up and have a heart attack. Dr. Carmona wants to see her before we start her on meds, so I will take her in on Monday. Dr. Carmona (the best Vet ever) wasn’t working this weekend and we prefer him to see her over another vet. He understands her insanity. :-) Last time, after 4 days at doggie ER, Spinal tap, MRI, stress test, assorted tests and a bill of $4999.75 they found nothing wrong with her except mental issues.

Ana update – Friday was my last day at Claire’s. I can’t say I’m sad. I’ll miss seeing my friends daily but I’ve wanted out of Claire’s for at least 5 years. The money was good so it was hard to give it up but finally it was meant to happen. My leaving Claire’s gives Bryan the chance to “drive the bus” and guide the family’s future. I’m going to be a SAHM for a few weeks. I’m starting to look for a job but until Bryan’s firms up his ideas, it is hard for me to look for a new job. My first action as a SAHM is to potty train Almari. Maybe I can find ways to earn money from home!!!????!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Week's activity post

I completed a few goals I had set for January today. I finished and upload two recent vacation albums to I cooked everyday last week with just one nasty meal (threw it out!!!). I followed the lemon chicken recipe to the T and it was just too tart for us. My true test was on Thursday when I came home and had to cook a meal with no prep work. I made quick spaghetti sauce with ground turkey and served it over pasta. I've made it through three weeks of cooking. I already went shopping this morning for next week's dinners. I bought a 9 pound pork loin which I will be able to use for 5 meals. I'm even thinking like a domesticated cooking woman here. Surprised?!!!? I am. I went to BJ's with Rose today for groceries and supplies. We want to go every three weeks so we can save some money. I haven't calculated if we have saved money with me cooking but I know we have. We either ate out daily or picked up meals, so it stands to reason with me cooking it has saved us $$. Saving money is a good thing!

I was finally able to announce that 1/30 is my last day at work. FREEDOM. I know change can be scary (financially mentally, etc) and a bit stressful but it had to be done. They asked me to stay an extra two weeks but I wasn't able to help them out. On Friday, 2/6 we leave on a 4 day cruise. It was one of Bryan's Christmas gifts to me. I hinted very strongly even telling him which cruise I would take. I wanted a short one so we won't be away from girls too long. I wanted a cruise that didn't dock often and I wanted it to be simple/casual. I want to get on board, order room service for every meal and do NOTHING. Do you think I can stay in my PJ's and room all cruise long???

I added to my facebook an album of pictures from the Las Vegas trip.

Change is here!!! I have been an Obama follower since I read a speech he gave in early October 2002 opposing an American invasion of Iraq. I saw a small quote from it and googled to read the rest. I was hooked. I knew this was a man I wanted to follow. I would google him from time to time to stay up with his career. Then came the 2004 Democratic convention and the nation knew the name. Finally he announced he would join the race for the White House. Voting for Barack Obama was one of the easiest decisions of my life. President Barack Obama, wow, does that wonderful to my ears. Good luck, Mr. President.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alex will scream forever if you don't give her something she wants, or let her keep something, etc. Today at the grocery store, I bought a bottle of water. I gave Almari a sip and then Alex. When I went to take it back, she started to scream with tears running down her face. If I gave it to her, she stopped. I said "no" and she proceeded to scream until I finished paying, got the groceries in the car and stopped when we got home and put her in her high chair. I think by giving in each time this happens, she is learning she gets rewarded for her behavior. I truly have had it at times with her.

As I type she is screaming in her crib. She was fine after I left 15 minutes ago. She heard Z on the stairs and the screaming started. Alex screaming = my life.....

Last week's update

Almari has picked up more words such as good girl, mami (hasn't called me that but uses it in reference to me), me, you and uses it to refer to herself like "me good girl", hey you, bye you and a few more. Okay I'm a bad mother who doesn't remember every milestone. On Friday, Philippe texted me that when they drove by Claire's she said "mami". How AWWWW is that!!! She is putting more words and thoughts together. Why do I want to cry like a fool when she says "good girl" when she picks up???? She is also taking more of an interest in "reading" books then holding and playing with them. She was a it more emotional this week when upset. If she gets hurt, LOOK OUT WORLD because she plays it for a long time.

Alex seems so much quicker to pick up things than Almari. Not sure of she is smarter or that she sees Almari do things. Alex knows she has to pick up but it is a struggle to get her to pick up. One word that best describes Alex is STRONG WILLED. She can now drink her milk from a sippy cup but only when she wants. Meals are an adventure with her. She loves to eat but on her terms, so it takes awhile. If we give her a spoon, she only will take food she can feed herself and that isn't a lot. Her eating right now is a combination of hands, spoon, fork and being spoon fed. Slow and messy but gets the job done.

Alex is a brat. She cries when she doesn't get something and she cries when she wants something. Right now, she is screaming because she wants the chair Almari is sitting in. She pushes her to get off and if Almari doesn't move she cries. Now having called Alex a brat, let me say Almari is a brat. She may not cry when she wants something but she gets her point across. They take turns bullying each other. Sisters!

Ana is becoming a cooking queen. I cooked all week days as scheduled. I have my shopping list ready for this week's meals. I had a meal that PAC didn't like so I need to modify it or scrap it from my list. I need to find a way to introduce whole vegetables to the girls. Alex puts them in her mouth and spits them out. She doesn't like some textures, so I think I will need to cut vegetables in small pieces to get her to try them. Mentally I know I have to work at keeping this cooking habit going. My obsessive behavior should keep the laziness at bay. I HOPE.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Last week went by as a blur

A good blur but a blur. On Saturday Alex had her 15 month checkup at the doctor and she weighs 18 lbs and 4 oz!!! My little one gained over a pound in the last month. I have no clue how she doesn't gain more because she eats like an animal. She begs. You'll hear both of them "PAPA, PAPA, PAPA". Alex has about 4-5 words she uses. Almari is learning new words weekly. This week she added bear and me.
Sunday we went to a dear friend's house for a get-together and they had a blast. Well Alex did after her meltdown and drive around the neighorhood for 25 minute nap in the car. Almari went on a drive with her future husband in his "car". It was too cute. It was so precious when she wanted to go with me he would say no Almari stay with me. TOO CUTE!

Okay I need to say I COOKED 5 DAYS LAST WEEK!!! Yes, I did! I enjoyed it. On Friday, I created this week's menu along with the shopping list. Last night, I ot home fed the girls and made the sauce for tonight's meal. So today, I got home reheated it and boiled the linguine. BAM dinner was done. I washed up and got tomorrow's pot roast ready in the crockpot. I'm scaring myself :-)